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Open Sourcing Project Sandstar's IAQ project to fight off Covid-19

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We have been researching COVID-19, and it's virality within building-space based on particulate matter and humidity levels. Within different research, the outcome of the results is particulate matter, and humidity has profound effects on how the virus spreads. We have been working on a project within project SandStar, which was called an indoor air quality sensor. We are open sourcing everything within this project for hospitals and other spaces to monitor indoor air quality to mitigate the spread of infections in the future.

I would like to thank Marwa Zaatari for posting most of this research in which it let us open source what we have generated.

 Analysis - Particulate Matter

The first research is from Italy on the effects of particulate matter and the quantity of virality. The image below will summarize the impact that they have found. We have attached the article itself as well. Article

 Analysis - Humidity & Temperature

According to the research from Chapel Hill, North Carolina impact curve for relative humidity on respiratory viruses is parabolic. The outcome of the research means; humidity control with high precision will be a crucial factor in controls. This will require many devices to keep track of humidity levels and correct behavior of the control systems. Article

 Analysis - Virality

Here are two other articles that has lead us to the decision to open-source to project. Virality & Aerasols


Project SandStar IAQ

This project consists of four different sections.
  1. Project Sandstar - UART to Haystack code (open source)
  2. Electronic board design (open source)
  3. Industrial Design (open source)
  4. Analytics Engine (licensed or integrate to your own)


The first section is the integration of project SandStar into AM 4100 and indoor air quality sensor. The application converts the UART protocol and exposes all the data to Project Haystack Project utilizing project sandstar.

Technology used 

We have merged two technologies into one and named it Project Sandstar.

  • Project Haystack
  • Sedona Framework

Electronics board design

 The second part is electronic design for BeagleBone, where we have created a hat and a lighting panel.

Industrial design 

The third section is the industrial design, where we have created an inside plastic area to hold the electronics ports as well as plastic that we had picked where the inside plastic molding will be placed in.

Analytics engine 

Analytics engine that is clusterable between devices so that we can do analytics results over historical data time. This section can be enhanced to be able to used by cloud connections with haystack. Basically, anyone can get the data from the haystack and merge it into their analytics engine.


How does it work?

​Concept is utilizing Sandstar with reading data from UART and passing the data to haystack. From here, anyone can read this data to their own cloud or integrate it with SkySpark. You can choose to fund the project further buying points from us. All design is open including plastic step files for inboard design. 

Contact us if you have any questions.


Dataflow & Open-source parts 

Parts utilized 


  • Beaglebone - Enhanced or any beagle that has 2.1 mm jack
  • HAT design manufactured by IoT
  • HAT lighting Panel
  • Sensor board from Cubic

Industrial Design

  • Custom PCB holder
  • Outside CNC'd device from polycase. ZN-45

Open Software

  • Project Sandstar Modelled for Cubic IAQ
Commercial Software



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